Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Beginning.

Hello, my name is Darlene, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (you can find me and my blog by clicking on my name) where it's been chilly, not too bad this week, but last week we saw temperatures drop down to -35c, it was cold! ... but I'm digressing here.  I'm the one who initiated the Journey of the Stones and here is how it all began. 

I'll be right back, I have to go to my blog so I can just copy and 
paste the date this all began. 

Ahhh, here it is....

Thursday October 11, 2012

The Game

Tonight I went to a fund raiser dinner, at this dinner they were selling small boxes and whoever bought one was told not to open it until we were instructed to do so. I was curious what was in the boxes, but I never peeked, not even once. Sure I felt the weight of not only my two boxes, I also felt the weight of others boxes at the table. I had one really light one and one heavier one. After dinner and a guest speaker it was time for the game. We all were instructed to open our boxes, everyone who had a pink pearl was told to sit down. 

As you can see I had a pink pearl, BUT I had another box so I remained standing.
The next to be eliminated was the black pearl, no black pearl here so I continued
to stand, I was still in the game... that is until they called the next stone, it was
the purple stone so I sat down, I had been eliminated. There was one more
round of eliminations which left one gentleman standing, needless to say he
was the winner. Better luck next time I say. 

After giving these stones some thought I wondered how far they could make it
around the world, I contacted one of my blogger friends, Saz (who you
will meet in the next post) and sent them off to her in England. 

Saz can fill you all in on the Journey of the Stones and how they 
came to be in her possession. Take it away Saz! 


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  2. Hey Darlin! We've got another follower! This is just the beginning ...