Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Point Number Two

Hello everyone,

My name is Saz, I live in Bracknell, England, but when the stones were sent to me I was in Scotland, as with Darlin, if you click my name you will get linked to my blog. Darlin sent them to me from Canada as you can see from the first post. I took these stones, and got some photo's to add to my blog post, and just before sending them off to Red in Australia I added a 10 pence piece.

Anyway, so I don't ramble on too long.. Here's the post that I put up about the stones. (:

Hello guys! 

Look what arrived at my house.. Or what was at my house when I got home anyway, haha.

So I got back from Isle Of Arran, to a few packages. And I must say I was more than happy when these popped in. Thanks Darlin! I shall now send them on to someone... As soon as I have details from someone to send them, haha.

I must say they are absolutely gorgeous. (:

In the next post you'll find out about their journey to Australia with Red. (: 

Dormy Saz


  1. Awesome, and the journey begins!


  2. Send the stones to Clint. Clint will love them and impart to them his blessings. Clint will remember them forever and tell others of their existence. And Clint will pass them on to another lover of the stones for further love.

  3. Hi Clint, I'll mention this to whomever receives the stones next, we're waiting on Red to send them out and as far as I know she's separating the stones and has people chosen for their next journey. Cheers!

    I wonder if somehow I can do a sidebar here of people who want to receive these stones... I'm going to try to figure this out later on tonight and see if I can do this somehow.

  4. Hi all! I think whoever wants the stones should visit the blogs of the current hosts and leave a comment there! It's up to each host to select the next host!! We'll just make sure that the hosts' posts have the link to the blog of the next hosts!